<strong>Permanent Makeup Maskiner</strong>

Permanent Makeup Maskiner

Se det store udvalg af LaBina maskiner til permanent makeup

<strong>LaBina Danmark</strong>

LaBina Danmark

Den højeste kvalitet af udstyr til professionelle behandlere

<strong>LaBina® Pigmenter - Opfylder alle EU-krav</strong>

LaBina® Pigmenter - Opfylder alle EU-krav

100% organiske pigmenter uden konserveringsmidler, alkohol og jernoxider

<strong>Permanent Makeup Udstyr</strong>

Permanent Makeup Udstyr

Hos LaBina Danmark finder du alt i udstyr til permanent makeup



Desensitizing skin

Anedol® is a desensitizing for topical use based on Eugenol, extracted especially from clove oil with antiseptic and antibacterial properties but the most important anaesthetic properties.

Anedol® is used for topical anesthesia before any aesthetic treatment, such as filler, mesotherapy, laser, needling, and any other treatment that can cause pain to the patient.
Its formulation allows a local topical sensory shock with immediate effect that lasts around 10 minutes , time that enables to make the treatment.
Its rapid effect , when needed, it can be applied again with immediate effect so the operator is able to continue the treatment without any work-break.

How to use: through the special nozzle, apply one or more strips of about 1cm (in relation to the extension of the area to be treated) on slightly damp skin. Massage lightly. Do not rinse until the end of treatment.

Side effect: No one reported.