<strong>LaBina® Pigmenter - Opfylder alle EU-krav</strong>

LaBina® Pigmenter - Opfylder alle EU-krav

100% organiske pigmenter uden konserveringsmidler, alkohol og jernoxider

<strong>LaBina Danmark</strong>

LaBina Danmark

Den højeste kvalitet af udstyr til professionelle behandlere

<strong>Permanent Makeup Udstyr</strong>

Permanent Makeup Udstyr

Hos LaBina Danmark finder du alt i udstyr til permanent makeup

<strong>Permanent Makeup Maskiner</strong>

Permanent Makeup Maskiner

Se det store udvalg af LaBina maskiner til permanent makeup



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(1 dispencer of 50 monouse wipe with 3Ml e.a.)


  • Benefit 5 different actions in one treatment
  • Indications anti-aging, deep corneolysis
  • Acid lactic, glycolic, citric, malic, tartaric
  • pH ~ 4.0
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Call me Peeling


Biopeel is a concentrate of 5 vegetal extracts:
bilberrysugar canesugar mapleorange and lemon.


Biopeel is an excellent product for a natural and effective exfoliation. Perfect for a deep corneolysis action before any treatment.


Natural source of HA from vegetal extracts pH ~ 4.0
Promotes cells’ renewal
Maximum efficiency wit minimum irritation Promotes skin radiance


The extracts are mixed in the following percentages:

  • Lactic Acid 28-32% - High Moisturizing
  • Glycolic Acid 12-17% - Efficient Keratolytic Effect
  • Citric Acid 2-6% - Stimulates Collagen Synthesis
  • Malic Acid 1% max. - Increases Skin Elasticity
  • Tartaric Acid 1% max. – Enhances Skin Firmness


Cleansing at high corneolysis action.
To be applied before any dermatological treatment:phototherapy, laser, needling, RF, any other cosmetic method


How to use
Rub evenly in circular motions, over the area to be treated, until the drying of the towel.
Do not rinse for the 8-12 h.



Dispencer of 50 monouse sachets on 3ml e.a.

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